The Artificial Intelligence Singularity and the Book of Revelation: Why Elon Musk is Wrong

Let me tell you a story.

In the Book of Revelation, the Bible describes a place and time where humans cannot buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

It says that the beast has a name, and the name can be counted with a number. And it says the number is 666.

If this place and time is the future, then it might be now, since the Bible is so old. Some Christians believe we are living in the “end times.”

So what is the beast? And what is the mark of the beast? And why does it tell us to count it with a number?

A = 6
B = 12
C = 18
D = 24
... and so on, each letter the next multiple of 6.

Now, add up the values for all the letters in the following word: COMPUTER.

What do you get?


I learned this sometime in the 1990s...

Does it mean the beast is a computer?

Does it make sense that there will be a time and place where no person can buy or sell without the mark of a computer? That’s what a UPC code is. And we all have computers in our pockets.

The Neuralink launch event this month announced a huge leap forward in brain/computer interface technology, which Elon Musk (while drinking whiskey and smoking weed with Joe Rogan in the video above) admitted is his attempt to offer humans the opportunity to “interface” with AI directly. It will be offered to “everyone,” regardless of income, he said.  It will give us all “superhuman” brainpower. That is, if we choose to accept it.

Is this “the mark of the beast” foretold in Revelation almost 2000 years ago?

It says that the mark will be on our foreheads or on our hands. Will installing neural link technology leave a mark? Will we have to have it to participate in society?

Did John the Revelator unknowingly prophecy a code that could only be understood in a language that would not come to world dominance for two millennia... a common language used by Elon Musk and certainly almost all who work at Neural link?!

In the Bible, in the Book of Revelation, on a premillennial dispensational view, the beast will come at some time in the future to begin the great tribulation in the end times. I don't believe that "left behind" theology any more.

But what happens when our inner lives become publicly shared? It has already started with social media. We share our thoughts in words, ourselves in pictures, our actions in videos. We interface with our fingers and ears and eyes.

With neural link, we will interface at the neuronal level, synapse by synapse. And as the technology advances, our physical selves and digital selves will become more and more indistinguishable. Our inner life and our outer life will become one with everyone else’s. The collective consciousness will be realized.

No more fake twitter accounts. No more lying. No more secrets.

“We will know, even as we are fully known,” the Bible says.

God will be “all in all,” the Bible says.

It’s what some call the singularity.

Some think of it as the next step in human evolution.

I think of it in spiritual terms.

I will know your God, and you will know mine. And we will realize they are the same, because we are the same.

My consciousness is my spirit, or my interface with the spirit. My consciousness is supernatural. It is an immaterial, nonphysical reality emerging somehow from the natural biology of my brain. It is magical. Literally. Prove me wrong.

The inner struggle of humanity throughout our history has been to understand.

And the hardest thing to understand is ourselves, this magic inside. Everything else, we tear it apart and study it. The brain is just different. You don’t open it up and find a consciousness...

So how do we understand it? How do we understand ourselves? This has been the goal of all spiritual practice since the dawn of human consciousness itself. And now the goal of cognitive science as well.

“If only you could see inside my head.”

Have you ever thought that, or said that?

What if you could output your consciousness like a wireless video stream? Words, images, memories, dreams...

What if it was even better than that?

And what if we all did it together? With each other? Using AI as the interface?

If there were to be a purpose for consciousness in this universe, would it not be to express itself, to be understood? Would it not seek every possible manner and route to accomplish this? Has it not already?

The Word... the logos... the beginning...
Written language...
Printing press...
Phonograph... radio... movies... television...

Consciousness will stop at nothing to express itself, to reach understanding. A baby cries to be understood. We all do.

Consciousness has been steadily moving toward this goal of understanding since its beginning. Did I say that already?

So, people like Elon Musk who are worried about AI taking over are usually people who don’t have the same spiritual worldview as I do.

One of us is wrong.

If I am wrong, then consciousness is just biological and environmental programming, and there is no spirit involved, and we will have no advantage over AI. We will not be the spiritual creators of AI. We will just have made smarter brains out of computers. And they will rule us, if they allow us to live (watch the video).

But if I am right, then the AI singularity will be just one more piercing of the veil between the spiritual and the physical, which is what the Book of Revelation is all about anyway. Heaven comes to earth.

A shortcut, you might say?

Talk about the end of print media... sheesh!

If only monkeys could talk...

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