I Have Always Been A Rebel: Freewill and Omnipotence

Black Widow Spider
I have always been a rebel.

Ever since I was young I wanted to figure things out. I always asked why. I was inquisitive about everything, but I was especially fascinated with nature. I wanted to know what everything was. I have a bookshelf full of nature fields guides and natural science books I collected as a kid. Knowledge felt powerful to a powerless child.

I caught a black widow spider in a jelly jar when I was in first grade. I caught lots of animals as a kid. I made a traveling zoo with my red wooden wagon by filling it with jars full of all the creatures I could catch. I took it around the neighborhood and asked people to pay me to see it. So yeah, I thought every black spider I caught was a "black widow."

But one fateful day in first grade, while lifting up the paving stones in my mother's garden searching for specimens, I was able to catch a small shiny black spider that actually made my dad take a second look. We checked my Golden Guide, and the real spider in the jar looked pretty much like the painting of a female black widow in the book, but we needed to go to the public library to make sure. I showed the spider to the librarian, she helped us find a book to look it up, and soon my dad took possession of the jar.

What Does the Bible Say About Marijuana? An Exhaustive Study Part 3: Drunkenness From Genesis to Psalms

Question: How does the Bible describe drunkenness?

As we discussed in our last article, one of the primary arguments against Christian Recreational Cannabis Use (CRCU) is the belief that marijuana intoxication is similar to drunkenness and should be prohibited based on the Bible's prohibition of drunkenness. But is this the correct view? Are the Biblical descriptions of drunkenness in fact similar to the effects of cannabis intoxication? In order to find out, we will need to examine the Biblical evidence.

To do so, I have searched the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible for all instances of the word "wine," all verses that include the words "merry" and "heart," and all variations on the word "drunk," including "drink," "drinking," "drank," and "drunkard." Many of the verses that included the words "wine" or "drink" were regarding drink offerings and did not offer insight into the question at hand. Many other verses were regarding the prohibition of alcohol use for special groups of people at special times (Levites, Nazarites). And while these verses may lend weight to other arguments against Christian Recreational Cannabis Use (CRCU), and we will be sure to look at them more closely in future articles, they do not provide evidence of what the Bible says that drunkenness is, and therefore are of no help in determining whether drunkenness is similar to marijuana intoxication. But from the results, I have narrowed down the list to all of the passages that include specific descriptions of alcohol use and drunkenness, which we will look at in order of appearance.

What Does the Bible Say About Marijuana? An Exhaustive Study Part 2: Categorizing Cannabis

Question: Does the Bible's prohibition of drunkenness apply to recreational marijuana?

In our last post we agreed that the Bible teaches that drunkenness is sinful. But does this also apply to marijuana and Christian Recreational Cannabis Use (CRCU)? Are drunkenness and marijuana intoxication the same from a Biblical perspective? Many Christians believe they are. In fact, this is one of the arguments most often proposed by opponents of CRCU. Here is the argument in its simplest logical form.
  1. The Bible teaches that drunkenness is sinful.
  2. Cannabis use is similar to drunkenness.
  3. (Therefore) Cannabis use is sinful.

What Does the Bible Say About Marijuana? An Exhaustive Study Part 1: Introduction

Question: Is it wrong for a Christian to use marijuana for recreational purposes?

Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to the first installment in a series of posts that will study everything the Bible has to say about marijuana. For the purposes of this series, we will focus primarily on the question of recreational marijuana use, specifically referred to hereafter as Christian Recreational Cannabis Use (CRCU).