Jesus, You Are My Rock

This song is an exercise in patience, restraint, and delayed gratification. It is based on a parable of Jesus, has progressive atonement theology, avoids gender bias, and encourages bodily response beyond just singing. It was written from a deeply personal perspective, when faced with shifting sands all around me, who do I turn to, and where do I make my stand? The words are just as meaningful for me today as ever.

It takes 5/8 a long time to process through a two-chord progression in 4/4. If you're a math person, have fun with that. One cool thing about it... it makes each song section unique. It also helps the song last over ten minutes.

Originally written in 2003, I have performed this song hundreds of times in churches. Only recently have I been recording and mixing it in my dining room. And I have a laundry list of unfinished issues with it.

1. No auto-tune vocal correction. It needs it.
2. No elastic audio rhythm correction. Also needs it.
3. No large diaphragm condensers. All dynamic mics. Not good.
4. No automation.
5. No mastering.

The list of compromises is long. But I'm tired of waiting for things to be perfect. I hope you enjoy it.

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