Her Demon - New Music Video

I took my first video editing class back in 1996, and soon after I began working on a local television show using a Commodore Amiga with Video Toaster (until we upgraded to an Avid nonlinear system). It only took 22 years for me to finally edit my first music video.

We recorded all the video in one evening at the Bach to Rock music studio in Tanasbourne. My son Luke did all of the videography. We followed a scratch track because I had not finished the final mix for the song. So I had a lot of work to do to get the song mixed AND edit the video together.

The music was recorded in my kitchen/dinette using Pro Tools. Everything was tracked and mixed "in-the-box" except the vocals, which Heidi sang. I played bass and guitar and midi sequenced everything else. I miss tone of my Marshall 4x12, but it's hard to crank a half stack in an apartment.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out for my first try. Working musicians have to do it all ourselves, I guess? It has been great working with Heidi Davis and Torchsong Entertainment on these projects. I hope to continue this collaboration for the foreseeable future.

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