This is What You Get - New Music Video

This is my second-ever music video editing project. It's another original song written by myself and Heidi Davis. This one is also from the musical "The Ripper: Song of the Knife."

Recording for this song went a little easier. The drum parts are simpler, the instrumentation is stripped down, and there is no guitar solo. I had to record bass and guitar direct (in my breakfast nook), so the tones are all in-the-box (Pro Tools).

I do like the Waves GTR plugin though. It has several PRS presets that sound great, offers multiple mic and cabinet arrangements, and has lots of stomp effects that get the job done. I used it for both guitar and bass tones.

The drums are BFD3. It's my favorite drum program for natural, acoustic sounding drums. I like using Xpand!2 for electronic drum sounds (not on this song), but it does not have the internal mixing capabilities of BFD3, nor does it have the huge drum sample library of BFD3.

As I watch and listen, I still see and hear lots of little things to fix. But sometimes "good enough" is what is called for. I struggle to ever release anything because I never feel it is ready. So I'm happy to get this out there, as imperfect as it is. Enjoy!

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