Music Update: What Am I Doing?

I am going through figuring out a cloud backup solution for my Pro Tools data, thinking I have it figured out now, and I'm watching the files begin the long, arduous process of syncing. This derails my current recording project temporarily as I resolve this important and neglected issue.

I did do some tracking of my guitar solo for the upcoming A-side single that I am releasing with Torchsong Entertainment. There is also a B-side (obviously), and that still needs to have all of the instrument tracking, plus drum editing, plus vocal channel and all that...

I have not finished perfecting the drum tracks. I think some added effects will improve their sound in the mix. And there are still interesting groove issues that my ears hear but Pro Tools does not represent on the grid. I have already made hundreds of slide edits to push and pull particular sections where I hear it's needed, but there are some tricky sections where I still feel something missing...

I have recorded a lot of guitar tracks...

Strat with middle-bridge PU selected, two tracks, panned left.
Strat with neck-middle PU selected, two tracks, panned right
PRS with bridge PU selected, two tracks, hard panned left and right

PRS with bridge PU selected, two tracks, hard panned left and right

All of these are going through some variety of the Waves GTR amp plugin, plus reverb and delay...

I loop recorded the solo about 8-10 times... It auto playlisted, and now I get to select the sections that I want to play in the main tracks. I have not comped a solo together since watching a friend do it for me in Vegas Pro back in the '90s...

I also recorded a B3 part to fill out the sound. I may change it to a rhodes though... who knows.

That's it for now. I'll be sure to post more as thing get closer to release. So stay tuned!

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